Finnish Tent Sauna Experience in the Wilderness

Sauna is an essential part of culture in Finland and best place to experience sauna is certainly in the serene Finnish nature. What could be more calming than having a sauna and swimming in a forest lake in the wilderness during a nature trip. Portable tent sauna which we can take with to a wilderness trip makes that unique experience possible.

We start the wilderness sauna experience by first setting up the tent sauna. After that it is time to set fire to the wood heated stove ( kiuas in Finnish ) of the sauna. After a while the stones on the stove are hot to give soft steam ( löyly ) and it is time to enjoy warmth of the sauna. When heating up in sauna, you can take a break to cool down while sitting outside or swimming in the forest lake. After that you can repeat the enjoyable sauna ritual again.

Chilling out after sauna

The tent sauna experience is also a fun team activity. We setup, heat and take down the tent sauna together. The tent sauna consist of actual tent, sauna stove with stones and sauna benches. While preparing our sauna bath we learn about sauna – its history and meaning to the Finnish way of life.

Tent sauna experience can be added for extra price to selected programs in Nuuksio National Park, for example to programs Wilderness Canoeing Adventure in Nuuksio and Day and Night in the Wilderness of Nuuksio National Park . Get aquinted also to our  Lakeside Sauna Experience in a cottage by the lake.


Evening swimming in Nuuksio National Park

Minimum duration of the program is 2,5 h, including setup, heating, bathing and take down. Group size 2-10 persons. Tent sauna is typically set up in a public area inside the national park.

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