This is how I work with canoes and equipment

Opening the

Feel The Naturen varustekontti Kattilajärvellä

First, open the padlock on the container door with the personal pin code provided in the booking confirmation. The code is valid for the duration of the booking. Enter the code you received and finally press the lock symbol on the bottom right of the padlock lock. First, open the right door by releasing the handle and turning it to the left. Then open the left door accordingly (the handle is turned to the right). When closing the doors, proceed in reverse order (first left, then the right door, and finally lock the door again with the pad lock). Lock the container every time you go paddling or leaving!

Canoeing vests and life jackets

Buoyancy aids, ie paddling vests, and life jackets are stored in the container hanging from the wooden pins. Always wear a proper buoyancy aid when in the water!

Floating vests and life jackets 

Floating vests, ie kayaking vests and life jackets, are stored in the container hanging on the wooden hanging pins. Always wear a buoyancy aid , i.e. a paddling vest or a life jacket!

Paddling vest

Baltic 40+ kg for persons able to swim


Yellow and red Baltic kayaking vests (tags F1-F19 on the back of the vest) with a mesh pocket are intended for people who can swim and weigh at least 40 kg. The mesh pocket comes to the front. Attach and tighten both the crotch strap between the legs and the belt strap.

The red large canoe vest (tags F91 and F92) is intended for people who are able to swim and weigh at least 90 kg. They can also use the aforementioned 40kg + vests. Fasten with a zipper and straps.

Life jackets

Baltic life jacket for childres

Orange life jackets are intended for children without swimming skills or weighing less than 40 kg. Choose the right vest according to the weight. Fasten and tighten all fasteners: straps, zippers, and a leg strap between the legs. The tag is on the back of the vest.

  • 3-15 kg, 1 pcs, tag L1
  • 15-30 kg, 3 pcs, tags: L11-L13
  • 30-50 kg, 2 pcs, tags: L21, L22



A bailer for emptying the canoe must be in each canoe. The bailers are stored next to the door.


The theoretical carrying capacity of all our rented canoes is approx. 500 kg or more, so each is well suited for use by two normal-weight adults and possibly children coming aboard. If you have received instructions for choosing a canoe in the booking confirmation, please follow them. Otherwise, you can choose to choose from canoes 1-8 based on the information below.

#modeladditional info
1Wenonah Northforkrecommended for heavy paddlers
2Wenonah Northforkrecommended for heavy paddlers
3Wenonah Southfork
4Wenonah Southfork
5Old Town Penobscot 164extra middle seat available
6Old Town Penobscot 164extra middle seat available
7Old Town Penobscot 164extra middle seat available
Old Town Penobscot 164fixed middle seat, take only if you need a third seat
9not for rent
0not for rent


As a rule of thumb to estimate paddle length: Stand up straight and place the paddle next to you under your armpit. When the paddle fits just under the armpit or is a little longer but doesn’t rise above the shoulder line, it’s a good length. However, the differences of a few cents do not really matter on a day trip.

107 cm2wooden paddle small children
130 cm1blue blade 
135 cm7blue blade  
137 cm1black blade
145 cm10black blade
153 cm1black blade

Taking the canoe from the rack

A tandem canoe weighs about 40 kg, so it’s good to have at least two people lifting it. Take the canoe and equipment by the water, avoid rocks, make sure all equipment is with you and lock the container before paddling.

Equipment maintenance before return

Clean and dry the canoes

Before returning the canoes, clean and dry the canoes with rags on the inside. The rags kept drying are outside the container hanging on a string. Also, clean paddles, bailers, and vests as needed. If you notice any deficiencies or defects in the equipment, please notify us immediately (, 040 900 5556)