Instructions for Day Tours

Check out these safety and general instructions before the tour. If you are a contact person for your group, please communicate these instructions to all your group members.

Health and safety

Any medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease, anaphylaxis or epilepsy) or other issues which could influence performance during the trip should be informed to the organizer or to the guide before the trip. Take possible personal medication packed in the waterproof package.

You will not be allowed to participate if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Our normal snack (pastries, cinnamon rolls) contain no meat, fish or lactose. Gluten-free or vegan options available on request. You can take also your own additional snack if you wish.

Personal clothing and equipment

Wear outdoor clothing depending on the weather. Take shoes that are good for walking on small paths and forest (especially hiking trips). Leave extra valuables or other water-sensitive goods home/hotel.


The price includes tour operator third party liability insurance. We strongly advise that participants have a travel or recreational insurance which covers the activity.

Specific information on paddling (canoeing/kayaking) tours

Tour price includes floating vests which are intended for persons (weight min. 40 kg) able to swim. Participants who are not able to swim or lighter than 40 kg must bring their own approved life jackets or reserve life jackets for correct weight from the organizer well in advance.

The guide has a water-tight bag, where you can leave your phones and wallets etc. during the trip.

Use moisture-resistant shoes or sandals. Take also dry spare clothes with you.

Specific information on snowshoe tours

Please, wear warm outdoor clothing and have an extra piece of warm clothing, for example, pullover, for the break. Use footwear, such as hiking shoes or winter boots, that cover your ankles from snow.