Families with Children on a Canoeing Trip

Families with children are warmly welcome to our canoeing trips in Nuuksio National Park. We can organize you a private trip and adapt our standard program according to your wishes.

Children can also participate with adults to our scheduled canoeing trips, like Wilderness Canoeing Adventure in Nuuksio. Please, contact us before you do the reservation. We will take following things into consideration:

  • Children will paddle to same canoe with adults of the same family/group. We have extra seats (in the middle a a canoe), so there could for example one adult+ two children or two adults and two smaller children in a canoe.  There have to be at least one adult per canoe. One canoe can carry over 500kg, so the weight is not a problem.
  • Standards canoeing vests are for persons who weight over 40kg and are able to swim. If the children are lighter we will arrange life jackets for them, but we must know their size (weight) beforehand. Contact us early enough, so that we can reserve life jackets for the children.Young paddler
  • When there is only one adult in a canoe, paddling can be a bit more challenging. We will also carry/pull canoes a short distance between lakes, so in that sense there will little more work, if there is one adult per canoe.

Adults are always responsible for supervision of children they are accompanied by.

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