Canoe Rental Terms and Conditions

These rental conditions apply to the rental service of canoes and canoeing equipment (Equipment) equipment rental service for Feel The Nature (The Service Provider).

The subject of the contract

Familiarization with the rental conditions of the equipment, reservation, and payment of the reservation is made in the online service provided by The Service Provider unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The customer is obliged to read the instructions and undertakes to rent the equipment in accordance with these terms.

The Service Provider makes the leased equipment available to the customer in proper working order. In self-employed rental, the customer uses the equipment and returns it independently according to the instructions given.

Rental period

The rental period starts from the beginning of the booking when the customer has access to the service provider’s warehouse to take over the equipment and ends until it is returned in proper condition to the Service Provider’s warehouse.

Rent and other compensation

Unless otherwise agreed, the rental prices of the equipment are determined in accordance with The Service Providers price list.

Acceptance inspection

The customer must inspect the equipment immediately upon commissioning. The customer accepts the equipment for rent in the condition it is after the acceptance inspection. If the customer finds in the acceptance inspection a defect, which prevents the safe use of the equipment, the customer shall immediately notify the Service Provider, who shall endeavor to give instructions on the replacement equipment. If the fault or defect does not prevent the safe use of the equipment, the customer records it with a mobile phone camera, for example, and reports it to the service provider immediately.

Use and care of equipment

The customer undertakes to use, store and manage the equipment carefully and properly. Equipment may not be taken out of the area, for example by car, unless specifically agreed with the Service Provider. The customer is not entitled to transfer the equipment to a third party for use. The equipment must not be used for activities that are against the law, regulations, or good manners, such as activities that disturb the peace of wildlife in the national park or the privacy of beach cottages.

The use of the equipment is always at the customer’s own risk. The equipment may only be used in suitable conditions, in waters deep enough, where there is no rocks, for example, which would damage the equipment. If the customer takes the equipment to an area where there is are rocks or other things which could damage the equipment, she is obliged to ensure that the equipment is not damaged, for example by avoiding or lifting the equipment over the rocks. The customer cleans and dries the equipment thoroughly before return.

Liability for equipment and liability

The customer is responsible for any damage to the equipment during the rental period. The customer must immediately notify The Service Provider of any damage or loss to the equipment. In addition, the customer pays rent for the damaged or lost rental property in accordance with the rental agreement until the end of the rental period. If a technical or other defect occurs in the equipment, regardless of the customer’s operations, the customer can return the equipment immediately to the service provider, in which case the lease expires at the time of return.

The customer is also responsible for any damage that The Service Provider discovers when returning the equipment or at a subsequent inspection. The customer undertakes to reimburse the costs of repairing the equipment to the extent that it can be repaired or the costs of acquiring new equivalent equipment or equipment if the equipment or part thereof has been destroyed, lost, or cannot be repaired or returned to The Service Provider for any other reason.

If the rented equipment is returned in a condition that requires cleaning, drying, or repair, the customer will be charged the costs in addition to the rent. An unrepairable product will be charged the price of a new similar product. The Customer uses the products at her own risk. To avoid misunderstandings, we are happy to advise you on issues related to the use of the products.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the codes used to open the warehouse are not passed on to a third party and are not used outside the rental period. He is also responsible for ensuring that unauthorized persons do not have access to the warehouse and that the warehouse is properly locked when he leaves the warehouse.

Normal wear and tear are not considered damage. However, damage to the equipment in clearly visible rocks/boulders or similar location is not considered normal wear and tear.

If the customer wishes to extend the agreed rental period, the Service Provider has no obligation to extend the rental period. The extension of the rental period takes effect when the customer receives confirmation of the extension from the Service Provider. Please note that the equipment may be reserved for other uses or the Service Provider may not be available, so always be prepared to be able to return the equipment on time.

If the customer returns the equipment after the agreed rental period, the customer is obliged to pay additional hours for the equipment with a 100% price increase and to pay a delay fee of € 50 / canoe. Penalties for delays are not charged to the extent that the delay is due to a sudden unexpected change in weather conditions that may jeopardize safe movement in the area (eg having to wait for a sudden thunderstorm to subside). In this case, the customer must immediately notify the Service Provider and return the Equipment as soon as possible.

Customer Reporting Obligation

The customer must immediately notify the Service Provider of any errors or damage to the equipment, or theft. The customer must also report the theft immediately to the police. If the customer fails to comply with the above-mentioned notification obligations, he is liable for damages incurred by the Service Provider.

Service Provider’s right to suspend service

The Service Provider has the right to refuse to hand over the equipment to the customer or to suspend the equipment rental and demand the immediate return of the equipment if the Service Provider has reasonable grounds to suspect that the rental conditions are not met, eg if the group is intoxicated. In this case, the service provider is not obliged to refund service fees.

Responsibilities of the Service Provider

The service provider is responsible for ensuring that the leased equipment is technically in a condition to be used for the activity at the time of delivery. If a technical defect or other defect occurs in the equipment during the rental period, the customer has the right to demand a rental reduction corresponding to the defect. If the condition of the equipment is constitutive, the customer has the right to demand termination of the lease.

This also applies if the equipment is not technically in a condition to be rented to the customer at the beginning of the rental period or is not available due to a late return by another customer or a problem with the booking system. The Service Provider is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from equipment breakage and rental interruption.


We monitor the use and return of equipment electronically, e.g. video recording. Surveillance material from which the lessee can be identified will not be used for any other purpose and will not be passed on to third parties unless required by law or regulatory requirements. Material is removed when it is no longer relevant for control purposes.

Customer’s right of cancel the booking / refund

If you wish to cancel your booking, we will only refund if there is an unexpected change in the weather conditions (after the booking) which can be a potential safety hazard (in practice strong wind or thunder). For example, rainy weather is not a basis for a refund of the booking fee. We, therefore, recommend that you only rent when you know you can get there.