Canoeing and Safety Instructions

  • Read the instructions and get acquinted to the equipment before use.
  • Always wear a buoyancy aid , i.e. a paddling vest or a life jacket!
  • Take a bailer to the each canoe as a emptying device
  • Have yoy Mobile phone in a waterproof bag or case
  • Only paddle sober !
  • Don’t knock canoes on rocks, always carry them over rocks!
  • Clean and dry the canoes before putting them back to the storage.

The canoe is stable when

  • Your weight is in the middle (close to the centerline) and low.
    • As you step in and step out, step in the middle, only one person moves at a time. Use the paddle as a support.
    • When paddling, sit in the middle. Legs spread over the knees at the edges position is more firm.
    • Do not stand in the canoe. Usually paddling while sitting on a bench, but you can also paddle with your knees against the bottom or sitting on the bottom.
  • Move calmly and avoid fast movements in the canoe.
    • Fast weight transfer from the side another can capsize a canoe. In particular, instruct the children in the center bench and make sure the dog does not move from side to side of the canoe.
  • The canoe floats completely in the water.
    • Place the canoe properly in the water. Avoid rocks anyway!

However, if the canoe capsizes…

  • Swim to the shore with your paddle .
    • Always paddle so close to the beach that you can swim independently to the shore, taking into account the heat of the water, and you can also help children on board, for example.
    • If needed, change dry clothes.
    • Empty the canoe, take all equipment and continue your journey.
    • If needed, call for help, 112
      • Therefore you need to have your cell phone waterproof packaged. We recommend locating the “112 Suomi” App on your mobile phone. The address of the departure point is Kattilajärventie 30, Espoo.
      • Do not delay in calling for help, as, for example, the cold may make it harder to call later.
    • Also tell us about the capsize or other problems.
      • We can’t help in that situation, so when you leave, you’re responsible for being able to cope and help everyone. However, it is important for us to know about the problem situation so that we can develop guidelines, for example, if necessary.

In case of a sudden thunderstorm / storm

  • Come to the shore, land and wait for the weather to come better. The risk of lightning strikes is greatest in the middle of the lake.
  • Please let us know, the service provider, call or send a message +358 40 900 5556, if the return is delayed.

Koordinaatteja/Coordinates (WGS84)
1 – Aloituspaikka/Starting point, Kattilajärven uimapaikka, Kattilajärventie 30, ESPOO 60.2988N, 24.6202E
13 – Vääräjärven tulipaikka/ Vääräjärvi campfire place,60.3088N, 24.6224E 
22 – Urjan tulipaikka, Urja campfire place 60.2970N, 24.5945E