Berry and Mushroom Picking in Nuuksio National Park
Berry and Mushroom Picking in Nuuksio National Park
Finnish Sauna by the Lake
Finnish Sauna by the Lake
Exclusive Experience in Nuuksio National Park - Book Here !
Winter and snowshoe hiking in Nuuksio National Park
Winter Activities in Nuuksio National Park
Winter and snowshoe hiking
Winter Hike and Reindeers near Helsinki
Winter Hike and visit to a reindeer park in Nuuksio National Park
Ski Tour Weeks in Lapland
Ski Tour Weeks in Lapland
Wilderness Canoeing in Nuuksio National Park
Wilderness Canoeing in Nuuksio National Park
Canoeing Adventure on Wilderness Lakes from May till September - Book Here


  • Ski Tour Week Rauhala-Pallas-Hetta 150 km: Tue 3 Mar, Sat 7 Mar, Sun 8 Mar,... - BOOK HERE!
  • Winter and Snowshoe Hikes in Nuuksio National Park: Sat 7 Mar, Sat 14 Mar, Sat 21 Mar,... - BOOK HERE!
  • Ski Tour Week Ylläs-Pallas-Hetta 235 km: Sat 14 Mar, Sat 21 Mar, Sat 28 Mar - BOOK HERE!

Feel The Nature Treks is a Finnish tour operator specialized in active holidays and treks.

Our greatest pleasure is to introduce you to the unique Finnish nature.

In woods and lakes of unique Nuuksio National Park, only 40 minutes from Helsinki, we organize guided day trips like canoeing adventures, hiking trips and snowshoe hikes on wintertime. To a nature trip in Nuuksio we can combine a visit to newly opened The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. where you can get a glimpse of the dazzling beauty of other Finland’s national parks from the South to arctic Lapland.

Our minibus – Naturevan – takes you conveniently from Helsinki region  to most fascinating places of Nuuksio lake uplands. Read more about scheduled trips starting from Helsinki downtown.

Experience the magical nature of Lapland with us. Wintertime we organise winter activities and guided ski tours. While in summertime and autumn you can enjoy trekking, canoeing and cycling in  forest, fells and rivers of Lapland, for example in our Autumn adventures week.

Tent sauna by the lake

Finnish Tent Sauna Experience in the Wilderness

Sauna is an essential part of culture in Finland and best place to experience sauna is certainly in the serene Finnish nature. What could be more calming than having a sauna and swimming in a forest lake in the wilderness during a nature trip. Portable tent sauna which we can take with to a wilderness Read More

Camp in Nuuksio National Park

Day and Night in the Wilderness of Nuuksio National Park

This overnight program takes you to finest places  of Nuuksio National. Paddle a canoe, hike in old forests and swim in a clean water forest lakes. We sleep outdoors in a tent or under the stars.  Wake up to the song of the birds and breathe in the fresh air of the forest. We start Read More

Canoeing in Lapland, Finland

Canoeing Week in Fell Lapland

This adventurous program leads us to tranquil lakes and wild rivers of Finnish West-Lapland in the surroundings of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. On first canoeing days we paddle on peaceful clean water lakes Jerisjärvi and Äkäsjärvi, surrounded by majestic fells – Tunturi in Finnish. Later the tour takes us to 3-day river journey on wild River Read More

Hiihtovaellus Rauhala-Pallas-Hetta

Ski Tour Week Rauhala-Pallas-Hetta 150 km

An unforgettable ski trek through the picturesque Pallas-Yllästunturi National park, through the unspoiled wilderness of the treeless Lappish tundra and serene forests. We ski traditional style with a relaxed pace from cabin to cabin and have coffee and lunch breaks in small cabins and Lappish tepees. Read More


Wilderness Canoeing Adventure in Nuuksio

This relaxed wilderness paddling trip takes you to scenic wilderness lakes and peaceful forests in Nuuksio. Before we start our canoe trip our experienced guide briefs canoeing safety and basic paddling technique. In the middle of our canoeing we have a coffee and snack break by the lake and can also dip into the clean water forest lake. Read More

Glimpse of Finnish Nature - hiking in forest

Helsinki Stopover – Explore Finnish Nature, Lakes and Forests

Experience Finnish nature on all four seasons. The tour is excellent way to get touch to Finnish nature and outdoor life especially if your time is limited in Helsinki. The tour takes you to a nature walk in forests close to clean water natural lakes 20 minutes drive from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Read More

Lumikenkävaellus Lapissa

Snowshoe Tour Week in Lapland – in the Land of the Northern Lights

When the presentiment of the sun gives the nature its blue – purple – orange – colours we make our first moves into snow-covered nature of Lapland. It is the best time for the snowshoe walks in the silent woodland and hilly grounds of the fell area in the Finnish West Lapland. This tour takes Read More

Midwinter ski tour in Lapland

Midwinter Ski Tour in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

This ski tour on Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park takes you to the serene snow wilderness of Finnish West Lapland. A professional guide leads us in silent woods and on majestic treeless hills – Tunturi in Finnish. In the middle of our day we have a lunch break in small huts or tepees where campfire gives light Read More

Mushroom hunting in Nuuksio

Berry picking and mushroom hunting in Nuuksio National Park

Forests in Finland are a real treasure if you like berries or mushrooms. Picking berries and mushrooms in tranquil forests is relaxing and fun. This guided nature hike takes you to the best picking places in Nuuksio National Park Read More

Reindeer Park in Nuuksio

Winter Hiking and Visit to a Reindeer Park in Nuuksio National Park

Our new tour takes your group to a relaxing nature hike in peace of Finnish clean wild winter forests and see a glimpse of Lapland on our visit to a reindeer park in Nuuksio National Park, near Helsinki. The trip includes transportation and we can start the trip straight from downtown Helsinki or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Read More

Lakeside Nuuksio. photo: Gilat Radat

Finnish Lakeside Sauna Experience in Nuuksio National Park

All-inclusive nature program takes you to Finnish nature in Nuuksio National Park and sauna by the lake. We warm up the sauna together and learn and what sauna means to Finns. Read More

Ski Tour Week Ylläs-Pallas-Hetta 235 km

A demanding ski tour (235 km) on memorable ski tracks in the area of Ylläs-Pallas-Ounas fell chain and Pallas-Yllästunturi National park. We ski from south to north through the unspoiled wilderness of the Lappish tundra and forests. The day distances are 35 – 55 km. Read More

Kävelyretkellä Nuuksiossa

Nature Walks and Hiking Trips in Nuuksio National Park

This is a moment to relax and experience tranquility of unique Finnish nature. During the hike the guide will tell about the nature and history of the area. Between walking on the forest paths and trails we will have a break with warm drink and snack. Read More